Caring For and Remembering Your Pet

Caring For And Remembering Your Pet
For many of us, our pets are more than just a detail of life; they are friends, companions and even something akin to children. Who wants to say goodbye to their happy presence when they die? Immortality has long been a human desire and for a good reason. But even if this is little more than a pipe dream for us, it can be a reality for our pets with pet taxidermy.

What Is Pet Taxidermy?

Taxidermy has a long history, and it has helped us immensely in learning about animals from around the world. It is how we know what some now-extinct animals looked like in life, and it has preserved some of the more unusual specimens of species still alive. More recently it has been used to freeze in time the most beloved furry and feathered members of our families. Taxidermy itself is a process that preserves the skin of an animal usually by removing it and mounting it on a lifelike display. However, advancements have been made so that the whole animal can be freeze-dried for a more lifelike appearance.

What is Freeze Dried Taxidermy?

Unlike traditional taxidermy, the animal stays intact in the freeze-drying process, with only the internal organs removed. So a beloved pet is still just that. Instead of a ‘stuffed’ animal, our pets retain their original body and bone structure which is comforting to know for the human families that have lost their furry loved ones. The whole animal is put in a state of the art freeze dry machine, and all the moisture is slowly and thoroughly extracted from the body so that no rot or decay can set in.

Why Choose Freeze Dry Taxidermy?

For families that have lost beloved pets, freeze drying is the more conscientious approach to preservation. As the entire structure of the animal is left intact with only the internal organs removed, the finished product has an overall more lifelike feel, since it is indeed the very animal we loved in life. There are many options when it comes to the position that the animal can take. The sleeping position is a common one. Or they can be alert but relaxed what that look on their little faces that we love so much. The choice is entirely up to the family.

What to Consider When Choosing Freeze Dry Taxidermy

There are a few things to consider before starting down this road. For one, we get what we pay for. A job done right is going to cost more than cremation or even a supposed ‘discount’ service. And this is a job that we would want to be done right, by talented professionals. Also, it is a more time-consuming process. A thorough and precise job takes time, but the results are worth it. Pet taxidermy has brought continued happiness to many people. If this sounds like something you want for yourself and your fur babies, inquire now before it’s too late and your beloved pets are gone forever.

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