Choosing a Freeze-Dry Taxidermist

catwh  Hello, my name is Shane Eddy. I have have been with "Anthony Eddy Wildlife Studios" since 1994. I have been involved in taxidermy for over 30 years. My uncle, Anthony Eddy, after doing conventional taxidermy most of his adult life started providing the Freeze Drying of  animals to other taxidermists around the country in 1986. He began serving pet clients in 1989. In January of 2015 my wife and I purchased the business after Anthony decided to retire. And so  "Eddy Wildlife Studios" was born. We have always, and continue to take great pride in our ability to relate to the feelings of our clients. We also know that if you are looking at our page, that you have, or are about to suffer one of the greatest losses in your life. We understand and respect that. As you search for a service to preserve your pet we encourage you to ask many questions of the potential service you may choose. Each preservation service will have different techniques and levels of experience in the preparation process of your pet for freeze dry preservation. We draw on our experience as Taxidermists to guide us in finding the best methods of preparation. Our years of freeze drying wild species of animals has greatly benefited us in the preservation techniques used in the preservation of domestic pets. Removing the body of your pet is NOT part of our process. Your pet remains your pet. Done properly and thoroughly the removal of the body is not necessary to properly preserve your beloved pet. We find the majority of our clients find comfort in their pet remaining as whole as possible.  In your research ask the service provider if your pet, remains your pet. This is why for you and your loved one, making an informed choice is so very important.  Each pet preservation service available will have various techniques, experience and  levels of talent.  While cost and time can be a very important factor, choosing the cheapest or fastest option can often mean sacrificing the final appearance and longevity of your pet. While our pets are alive we are careful to find a veterinarian we can trust to care for them. Shouldn't the same be true when choosing a Freeze-Dry Taxidermist to create the lasting memorial that your pet's life deserves.  Please give us a call or email. We would love to speak with you about your loved one. I promise you we won't rush you, pressure you, or try to hustle you to get your business. That's just not us. Lastly and most importantly, Whether you choose our service, or one of the other services available to you. I would like to say Thank You for considering Eddy Wildlife Studios as an option. We offer you understanding and sympathy at this time.

The ABC's of Freeze-Drying

Freeze-drying is revolutionary technology that has become an economically feasible alternative for preserving pets.  This highly specialized field of taxidermy makes use of large freeze-dry machines that removes the moisture from the specimen while it remains frozen.  Thus the name freeze-dry.  Unlike regular taxidermy, this process allows a pet's natural body and bone structure to remain intact.  The result is the individual characteristics, body, and facial features are barely disturbed.  While it sounds simple, many steps must be meticulously completed before the pet is ready to pose and basdogfreeze-dry.  Each step of the way we strive to return your preserved pet looking and feeling as natural and realistic as possible.

Because of the high costs associated with the purchase and operation of freeze-dry machines, most taxidermists cannot afford to expand into this area.  Eddy Wildlife Studios is a leader in the field of freeze-dry and has been making this technology available to it's clients since 1986.  We are proud to be the largest freeze-dry service in North America. Not only serving pet owners but other Taxidermists in all lower 48 states and Hawaii. Operating 14 large 36' x 66' and one 48'x 108' inch North Star freeze-dryers at one location.  We have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Miami Herald, Omaha Herald, Kansas City Star, and numerous regional newspapers and television stations.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Cocker-Spanniel_smallSome things you should know about freeze-dry services that promise quality for a discounted price in a short amount of time.  It is "Not Possible" to properly freeze-dry a pet correctly, with its natural skeleton and body intact within 45 days.  Sadly some services promise this and in our many years of Freeze Dry Preservation of pets and also wild animals this is not possible.  The quality of the outcome for your pet is greatly reduced and can lead to disappointment and regret. Our thorough technique of handling your pet with loving care and preparation, while keeping it structurally sound is far superior and produces better results that you can live with the rest of your life.  It is true that this method takes more time and costs a little more money we don't deny that,  however we feel that the lasting memory your pet is worth it.

Preparation and Transportation

If your pet is aging or ill and you are considering our services, please call us for a personal consultation regarding your pet and your needs. 3_2_06_dog_face_upright_small When the time comes, many people have chosen to personally deliver their pet to us, however,we are able to provide a  shipping kit for you. This prevents you from the burden of trying to gather the needed items for shipping at this difficult time. All we require for this service is a minimal security deposit to cover shipping of the kit and the cooler. Our Shipping kit consists of easy to understand instructions along with a hard plastic container that is guaranteed to keep contents frozen up to 5 days at 90-degree temperatures.  After receiving the kit and following the enclosed instructions, you simply ship it back to us, preferably FedEx, or UPS which ever is most convenient, next day air or 2nd day service .  It is VERY important that you freeze your pet as soon as possible after time of death.  To ensure the safety of your pet, we request that you ship only on a Monday or Tuesday.  If you have any further questions or would like to obtain a list of referrals from past clients, please contact one of our consultants at 800-529-3470.  We guarantee your inquiries will be treated with kindness and dignity.