Remembering Your Pets

Pet Preservation: The Comforting Way to Honor Your Companion
Whether we lost our furry, scaly, or feathered friend, we’ve all felt the loss of a pet before. It’s a different sort of pain, with some research suggesting that it may even be more painful than losing family members. It can be a truly devastating experience. The worst part is that we may feel that our options are limited. What can we do? What can we do for our friends who have served us so long? Are our options really that limited?

Flushing. Burying. Cremating. Garbage. Are these our only options?

From carelessly flushing our finned friends or dumping our small critters in garbage cans, there are some pretty awful, disrespectful ways to “take care” of our friends when they pass on. Even burying and cremating them can seem careless, even cruel. We know that we will never be able to see their sweet faces again or know the comfort of their noses pressed against ours. Are these really the only options we have?

There is another way. A dignified way.

The truth is, there is another way, a better way, to honor our beloved pets. Using animal preservation technologies, we can now use pet preservation as a viable way to give our pets life after death. Pet preservation can be applied to all types of pets, from large dogs to small lizards, and can give us more comfort. It also gives them more dignity than sticking them in a hole or turning them into ashes.

We are experienced, respectful, and understanding.

We have been using animal preservation technology to preserve beloved pets since 1989. We know how important it is to honor your companion and to bring comfort and love anew to you and your family. We will never be disrespectful, judgmental, or cruel. We don’t discriminate against your pets, regardless of species or breed. We know that you love your pets – because we love ours. And we know that sometimes burying or cremating just doesn’t honor our companions the way it should.

If you struggle with the thought of traditional pet disposal, pet preservation may be the right choice for you and your companion. Honor your beloved friend in a way that shows how much you love them, in a way that offers you comfort and support. Don’t settle for something that makes you upset or uncomfortable. Don’t settle for something less than honor for your friend.