How To Choose The Best Taxidermist For Pet Preservation

Taxidermy or animal preservation through stuffing involves anatomy, zoology, and art. When taxidermy is done well, it will result to an amazing work of art. It involves skinning or removing of animal’s skin which separates the same from the muscles and internal organs and is followed by stuffing cotton in the animal’s skin. This work is done by an animal preservation expert also known as a taxidermist.

Finding or choosing the best taxidermist for pet preservation is a difficult task. You must be wise and meticulous in choosing your taxidermist.

Check out the guide below on how to choose the best taxidermist for pet preservation.

Ask the Right Questions

Ask the basics and know if the taxidermist has in-depth knowledge of the profession. Questions relating to the taxidermist’s experiences in pet preservation should be brought up as these will be your guide in deciding whether or not to include the taxidermist still in your list of options.

Inspect Taxidermist’s Completed Works

Completed works reveal a taxidermist’s standing in the profession. Therefore, you should see the creations in order to check their quality.

You can use a flashlight to have a meticulous look at the mounts’ body parts especially the pupils of the eyes, ears, nostrils, and lips. Well-preserved animals will give you a feeling that they are alive.

Rely on Recommendations

Choose a taxidermist that is highly recommended by your friends or by hunters you already know. They know better, hence, you should trust their opinions. You can also look for mount owners and take a quick survey of their opinions to help you find your taxidermist.

Be Aware of the Average Prices for Mounting a Certain Animal

Mounting prices vary depending on the species to be mounted and your preferred size. Price lists are available on the internet as taxidermists usually list their average prices online.

Choose A Freeze-Drying Taxidermist

If you are a pet lover and want to preserve your beloved cat or dog, freeze-drying is a perfect technology to do it. In freeze-drying, the taxidermist uses a large freezer that draws all the moisture out of the body of the animal while preserving your pet’s body and bone structure.

The freezers used for this process do not come cheap so not a lot of taxidermists explore the freeze-drying technique. With the costs involved, it follows that you’ve to take more out of your pocket if you want it done with your pet. Remember though that it produces great results and your pet will be by your side the rest of your life.

Take Into Consideration Your Hunting Expenses

When going to a taxidermist, make sure that you’ll get the most out of it since hunting can be expensive. Go for someone’s service which is worth your money.

Know Your Budget

Often, taxidermists’ expensive prices have something to do with their businesses expenses and location. Therefore quality service is not measured on how expensive the price is.

Keep in mind that the best service will come from the best taxidermist who will offer the best price within your specified budget.


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Finding or choosing the best taxidermist for pet preservation is a difficult task. You must be wise and meticulous in choosing your taxidermist.