Pet Preservation: What’s Involved In The Freeze-Dry Process Of Animal Preservation

The loss of a beloved pet can leave a hole in a pet owner’s heart. Grieving for your pets isn’t something everyone can understand, but it is very normal to take the loss personally. Many pet lovers consider their pets as part of the family, which makes saying the final goodbyes very tough on the mind and heart. Luckily enough there are pet preservation techniques that allow us to hold on to our pets longer. Animal preservation through freeze-drying is an acceptable alternative to burying or cremation.

Although freeze-drying pets is relatively common today, many people are still unaware of the process and have a lot of questions. Don’t worry here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions along with their answers to give you peace of mind about choosing this alternative pet preservation method.

Question 1: What Is Freeze-Drying And How Does It Work?

First of all, freeze-drying is a technique where all the moisture found in the tissues of the body is carefully removed while at the same time leaving them intact. This is possible because the body of the pet is exposed to extremely low pressures along with a vacuum over a prolonged period. The tissues are dried in a controlled environment which prevents tissue decay. The freeze-drying process makes it possible for pets to be preserved in a natural state. This means your pet can retain all of its features with a very realistic look.

Question 2: How Long Does Freeze-Drying Take?

This form of animal preservation takes a lot of time because utmost care and sensitivity are put during the process to ensure your pets are carefully handled. The time it takes to fully freeze-dry a pet depends on their size. Usually, a small dog or cat can take up to 4 – 5 months while larger pets can take more than 6 months to completely preserve it. Although this is the estimated time given by most experts, every pet is different and unique so it might take shorter or longer to finish the entire process.

Question 3: How Will They Look After?

The great thing about the careful freeze-drying process is the realistic outcome. You can send pictures and request for the pose you prefer and skilled technicians will work with you to create a look that is natural and realistic. If the process is done correctly it will be difficult to tell that your pet has actually passed because of how real they look.

Question 4: How Long Do They Last?

With proper care and maintenance, your freeze-dried pet can last your entire lifetime. As long as you clean them often and ensure no dust gathers or they do not get stained the preserved pet will last a long time without any deterioration. You can even pet and carry them without fear of damage.

You no longer have to say goodbye to your beloved pet. If burying or cremating is too heavy in your heart, look into freeze-drying as a pet preservation method. This will allow you to always have your pet by your side, no matter what.

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If you do not want to cremate your pet, there are now options and good pet preservation techniques to do it.