How to cope with the death of your pet

The loss of a loved one is a traumatic experience. People grieve and cope with the loss in different ways. Although many people
understand the pain of losing a family member, not many can fully understand how it feels to lose a beloved pet. Many pet lovers
consider their animal companions as part of their family, which means losing them is also painful. The situation may be different,
but the emotions are just as real and heartbreaking.
For those who are struggling with the loss of their pets, here are ways to help you cope and recover from the loss.

Tip 1: Acknowledge The Pain and Loss
Sweeping your pain under the rug because “it was just a pet” is never a good coping mechanism. Your pets may have just been a
pet, but the loss can still bring about tremendous pain and grief. Talk to someone about your pain and take the time to
acknowledge the pain. After all, the first step to recovery is acceptance.

Tip 2: Look For Support
Many pet owners find that during their grieving period for their pet that not many family members or friends understand the
significance of the loss. If you find that it is hard to talk about it with the people close to you, there are support groups specifically
for pet loss. Contact these groups and they will understand what you are going through and they will provide you with the support
you need during the grieving process.

Tip 3: Consider Animal Preservation
It is hard to say goodbye to your pet, which is understandable. Most pet owners turn to cremation or burial as a ceremony but for
those who aren’t ready to let go, animal preservation is an option to look into. This is a process where professionals handle your
pet’s body with extreme care and put them through effective freeze-drying preservation to give you a chance to hold on to your
beloved pet forever.
The freeze-drying pet preservation method is a great way to keep the memory
of your beloved pet. With the help of an excellent company, your pets will look alive once more. This is a comforting feeling for
those who find it hard to fully let go of their pet.

Tip 4: Understand That It Takes Time
People deal with grief differently and others can recover from the loss faster. If you feel like you need more time, take that extra
time. Do not rush into “getting over” the death of your pet because of the pressures of society.

Tip 5: Plan A Ceremony
One way to accept the loss of your pet is to plan a ceremony. A nice “send-off” ceremony can leave a good final memory for you to
treasure. This can help get rid of negative feels you have and a ceremony can serve as a final farewell to your pet.
No matter how you cope with the loss of a pet, whether through memorials, ceremonies, or even pet preservation these are all fully
acceptable. Follow your heart and honor the life of your beloved animal companion the way you see fit.

Anthony Eddy’s Wildlife Studio has been offering pet preservation since 1989.
If you are grieving the loss of your beloved pet, contact us to discuss how animal preservation might help you cope.

For those who are struggling with the loss of their pets, here are ways to help you cope and recover from the loss.