Remembering Man’s Best Friend

Remembering Man’s Best Friend

There’s nothing more precious than spending time with your furry best friend. But when your dog passes away, figuring out how to best remember him can be overwhelming. However, you can simplify the process and preserve the memory of your pooch with pet preservation services. Here’s how:

Ask the Right Questions

You don’t want to get a surprise that Fido is not actually all there. Ask the taxidermist the right questions, including inquiring about what is included in the pet preservation process. It is important to review your taxidermist’s techniques for preserving your dog’s body, because some taxidermist use fillers to make your pet look full. Thus, it’s vital to probe the taxidermist regarding your concerns.

Choose a Way to Remember Your Furry Friend

Taxidermy professionals can help you to remember your dog in a unique way by preserving his body, so it’s important to choose a method that you prefer. While traditional taxidermy services are an option, there are other alternatives. If you want to remember your dog the way he appeared when he was alive, then consider freeze-drying. This preservation method can take some time, though. For example, an 80-pound dog may take as long as 12 months to freeze-dry. You also want to consider the position in which you want to remember your dog. While most pet preservationists recommend a “sleeping” pose, you can choose alternative ways to display your pet, such as in an action pose.

Count on the Experts

When you’re trying to remember man’s best friend, you want to make sure the person performing the freeze-drying or taxidermy services knows what they are doing. That’s why it’s key to access professional taxidermists who have the years of experience and the expertise to help you remember your dog in a creative way.

Final Thoughts

Fido doesn’t have to be forgotten after he passes away. Remembering your furry companion in an honorable way is achievable when you use professional taxidermy services. Consider pet-preservation services with licensed experts and attention to details, such as Anthony Eddy’s Wildlife Studio.


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