Turkey Head Taxidermy – Eddy Wildlife

Turkey Head Taxidermy – Eddy Wildlife

With an increase in the turkey population and subsequent hunting, and a need for preserving animals in their most natural form, turkey head preservation is a great option for commemorating successful hunts and conserving wild turkeys in their most natural state. But there are few things to get done with your turkey before the turkey head preservation process starts. Here are some tips for preserving your turkey head for your taxidermist.

1. Transport Your Turkey With Care

When you’re traveling from your recently caught wild turkey’s natural habitat to a the local taxidermist, it’s important to keep its remains in a good condition. Transportation plays an important role in producing the optimal condition for turkey head preservation. That’s why it’s key to transport your turkey the right way. Consider using a turkey vest to transport your newly caught fowl. You can also bring your turkey to a taxidermist using a large bag.

2. Maintain the Feathers

The last thing you want to do is have a turkey that doesn’t reflect its natural state. Thus, it’s important that you maintain the feathers of your recently caught game. Leave the turkey’s feathers alone and avoid plucking them. Also, don’t do anything that can lead to broken turkey feathers. Make sure you handle the turkey with care, especially the turkey’s head that you plan to preserve.

3. Keep It Clean

While you want to preserve the turkey in its most natural state, you want to avoid sending it to your taxidermist in a complete “raw” step. That means you’ll need to clean the bird and remove any blood stains.

4. Know Before You Go

There are several ways you can mount a turkey head. But you should have an idea of what style you prefer so you can steer your taxidermist in the right direction. Also, learn about the taxidermist’s experience prior to your visit. Using an inexperienced taxidermist can mean receiving a poorly preserved turkey head. A quality taxidermist will have a portfolio of work that showcases the different animals that he or she has preserved. Make sure they have experience with preserving turkey heads by asking questions about their work, reviewing their portfolio and checking reviews.

Final Thoughts

Turkey head preservation is achievable when you take the right measures and choose the right taxidermy services to maximize your results. Whether you’re searching for turkey head taxidermy services or pet preservation in the Missouri region, Anthony Eddy’s Wildlife Studio offers a wide selection of preservation and taxidermy options. With its knowledgeable, friendly staff, Anthony Eddy’s Wildlife Studio aims to deliver quality work for taxidermy services.






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