Taxidermy Supplies at Anthony Eddy’s Wildlife Studios

Taxidermy Supplies at Anthony Eddy’s Wildlife Studios

Whether preserving your family pet or your latest catch, quality taxidermy supplies are essential to capturing the animal in its most realistic form. At no time does this hold more true than for turkey heads. When you’re commemorating your taxidermy hobby of turkey head mounting, you want to make sure that you’re ready with the right supplies. The quality and dependability of your supplies can also impact how long your turkey head mount lasts over time and how realistic it appears. Thus, it’s key to use supplies from a dependable taxidermist who is professional and carries premier products. Here are some taxidermy supplies to consider:

Turkey and Mammal Bases

These bases come in various sizes, including small, medium and large. They are also made with premium quality material and provide conveniences. For instance, the large board is 18 inches long with a 2-inch by 8-inch board that features a 1-inch void. The void makes it easy to bend wire over it, which helps you to secure your turkey in place without extra work.

Wall-Mount Turkey Bases

If you want to save time during the mounting process, then a wall-mount turkey base is essential. This wall mount enables you to pose the damaged side of a turkey so that it faces the wall. This enables you or your taxidermist to avoid wasting time fixing split or missing feathers and dedicate more time to grooming the side that the public will view.

Reproduction Turkey Heads

It’s important to have turkey heads that have great quality for durability that stands the test of time. Reproduction turkey heads offer durability with premium quality components and superior details. For example, these turkey heads use techniques that are better than the traditional freeze-dry method. That’s because these turkey heads are made from raw turkey heads that are frozen. AEWS reproduction turkey heads also feature near-completion grade paint with detailed characteristics. You can find them in a variety of positions, including standing, gobbling, flying, standing-alert and strutting.

Final Thoughts

Remembering the triumph of catching a turkey or even remembering a favorite pastime of turkey head mounting, it’s important to have the right supplies to get the job done correctly. Consider using a professional taxidermist who has experience with turkey heads and uses quality-grade taxidermy supplies, such as Anthony Eddy’s Wildlife Studio. Anthony Eddy’s Wildlife Studio of Slater, Missouri, offers a wide variety of taxidermy services and supplies, including AEWS reproduction turkey heads and turkey wall-mount bases. With the help of its friendly and professional staff, you can ensure you’re receiving the best taxidermy supplies to meet your needs.


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