Pet Preservation and Taxidermy Services

Pet Taxidermy in Missouri
Pets are not just some animal that we keep in the house, they are a part of the family. We want to have them with us forever and the very thought of their death can move us to tears. On the terrible day that they do finally cross the Rainbow Bridge, pet lovers are forced to make some heartbreaking and difficult decisions. Will they bury their pet? Will they have their faithful dog or playful cat cremated and placed in an urn? Many people think that these are the only options that they have but this is not true. Pet taxidermy is a viable alternative to burial or cremation and can allow you to have your pet with you forever.

It is not a simple process. It is not a fast process especially if you want it done correctly. It is not the cheapest process but you are probably thinking less of money than you are of the chance to have your pet with you when the process is finished. The key is to find someone who is highly experienced so that you are fully satisfied with the end results. Of course you also want someone who is going to be sensitive to your feelings in this very difficult time.

If this is the answer that you have been looking for, your first step should be to have a consultation with a taxidermist. If you cannot find someone who offers the freeze dry preservation method in your area, there is Anthony Eddy’s Wildlife Studio which can provide this service throughout much of the US. You can get a consultation including an idea about pricing and posing options. At that time you can also have a shipping kit sent to you. These kits contain everything that you will need to freeze and ship your pet so that the process can be started right away. The faster your pet is frozen, the better the results will be. Pet taxidermy relies on the right timing to preserve as much of the pet’s body and structure as possible.

The kits include the container for your pet based on the information provided during the consultation as well as the step by step instructions for getting the package ready for shipping. It is highly recommended that shipping be done early in the week in case of a delay of any kind. The containers are designed to keep your pet frozen for an extended period of time, but minimizing risk is always a good idea.

Nothing will ever replace your beloved pet in your heart and it will be a difficult time of mourning and adjustment but once he is back and fully posed as you requested, it will be a source of comfort. You will still be able to pat him as you walk by him every morning.