Pet Preservation Options

Eddy Wildlife Studios preserves your pet
For many people, a beloved pet becomes almost a member of the family, taking part in life’s milestone moments and all of the days that connect them. Given that a typical pet has a shorter life expectancy than humans, the family eventually has to deal with the loss of that pet.

Rather than burial or cremation, the option that best serves to keep your pet near you after it passes on is animal preservation. Eddy Wildlife Studios of Slater, Missouri, is North America’s largest provider of freeze drying for animals. We do not cut corners. Our experience with the freeze drying of animals dates back to 1986, and that experience has taught us that a minimum of 45 days is needed to freeze dry an animal properly. In the case of a treasured pet, you have one chance to preserve your pet as you remember it, and a lesser service will waste that chance. However, one of our North Star freeze dryers will move all of the moisture from the body and preserve it.

Eddy Wildlife Studios understands all steps of the freeze-drying process, and we can walk you through it. Be it a consultation as your pet’s final days approach, instructing you on the steps to process your pet for shipment, providing a hard plastic shipping container that will keep your pet frozen for up to five days at temperatures as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit, or performing the actual preservation, we have your best interest at heart.

For those pet owners interested in another option, we also offer a traditional pet taxidermy service. Unlike freeze drying, where the animal’s body and bone structure remain intact, the taxidermy service uses mounting or stuffing. Eddy Wildlife Studios provides this service for a wide variety of pets. We handle traditional pets such as cats and dogs up to 175 pounds, plus other varieties from gerbils and hamsters to lizards or birds.

These services are offered by a company that understands what a difficult time this is for the pet owners. We honor that special bond you shared by animal and human by treating both of you with dignity and respect at each step.

If the final days have arrived for your precious pet, please reach out to the experts at Eddy Wildlife Studios at 800-529-3470. Our technical skill is matched by the caring and compassion of our team members. Our goal is provide families with the most life-like pet preservation possible.