What Every Pet Owner Should Know About Pet Preservation

If you are like most pet owners you have likely wished, at one time or another, that your beloved companion would live forever. You cherish each and every moment you spend with them and always strive to make the best choices for their well-being. As difficult as it is one day you will have to make the toughest choice of all regarding your wishes for how to handle your final goodbye. Although this a difficult subject, educating yourself about your options during this most challenging time is the best way to honor the life of your faithful friend.

You are probably familiar with more traditional methods following the passing of a pet such as burial and cremation. Unfortunately, these options do not allow for your pet to continue to have a physical presence in your life. A lesser-known option referred to as pet taxidermy, handled by an animal preservation specialst, provides several advantages over these more traditional funeral options.

So what is pet taxidermy you may be asking yourself? Pet taxidermy is a way to preserve to your pet so they may continue to be a part of your life after their passing. Unlike burial or cremation, your pet is preserved by an animal preservation specialist whose job it is to honor your pet’s life by presenting your pet in a life-like and realistic manner. While taxidermy, or the preserving of animal’s body, has a long history, only more recently have technological advancements allowed for preservation of your pet through the process of freeze drying.

Following the careful and delicate process of organ removal, handled expertly by an animal preservation specialst, your pet is ready for the next step in the process. After being respectfully posed in the desired way your pet is then placed in a special chamber designed for freeze drying. Fortunately, freeze drying is the least invasive form of pet preservation and also allows for the most natural and accurate preservation of your pet’s individual expression.

Pets large and small can undergo the freeze drying process as a form of animal preservation following their passing. It is important to know because of the care and responsibility involved in this process, as well as the gradual process of freeze drying, that pet preservation may require more financial resources than a traditional cremation. However, as a pet owner you invested in their life and you owe to yourself, and more important your pet, to honor them in this very difficult time. Freeze drying, as an option for pet preservation, is a comforting option that is now available as an alternative to burial or cremation.